Here are some apps that you can try if you are trying to sort out your finances and budget for the coming weeks and months. Many of the apps are very easy to use. Many of them require you to enter the information manually, which may be a trial for people who forget to use it. However, if you are dedicated to your budgets, you will be able to enter your income and expenses and track how well you are doing on your budget. You will also be able to use the income and expenses from previous months in order to calculate your next budget.


Debt Tracker Pro

If you are trying to work yourself out of debt, this budgeting app may be the one for you. You are able to create and track budgets, and you are able to create debt repayment plans. These are where you enter the amounts you wish to pay and calculate how long you will be paying those expenses. It also allows you to see how your debt decreases if you pay more than your budgeted amount. It adds a nice little incentive for paying your debts off quicker.



This is an app that allows you to see when your bills are supposed to be paid. You enter the due date, the amount to be paid and the name of your bill and it will send you reminders for when they are supposed to be paid. You may also export any payment data to a spreadsheet so that you can review it when you create bigger budgets.


MyWeeklyBudget (MyWB)

You can see your budget and your expenses for a full week. It is good for people who prefer to plan for the short term. You can use previous budgets as a template for your next weekly budget. It allows you to keep an overview of the coming week’s expenses, and allows you to control your budget with very little effort. You can set targets, and then at the end of the week you can see how well you did in keeping to your targets.



This app allows you to track your expenses over a month and then manage them. This is an app that has voice recognition too, for people who like to play with their apps. The app allows you to see how much you are spending per month on different things such as bills and your car. The current version is better optimized for the iPhone 5, but will also work for the iPhone(s) 3+.


AceBudget 2

There is a lite and a full version of this app available. The lite version is free, and gives you many of the budgeting features that come with the full version. It allows you to track your spending over the week, which is then combined to show you what you spend per month. It allows you to create categories for how much you spend on food, and on bills, etc. Plus, if you enter your income then you can create budgets based on the information you entered previously.



This is a personal finance app that has budgeting features. You can track your budget and your income/outgoings in one place. It allows you to add credit cards and bank accounts so that you can see how much money you have at a glance. It categorizes your transactions for you so that you do not have to enter different amounts into different columns/categories. Always be wary of apps that ask for bank and credit card details.


Pageonce Money & Bills

This is a budgeting app that is optimized for people who forget the dates that their bills are supposed to come out. With this app you enter the dates that your bills are due to come out, and it will remind you when they are supposed to be paid. You may link this app with your bank accounts so that you may actually see when the money left your account. Do be careful when linking bank accounts with apps, as you are putting your details at further risk. If you allow it to, then you make track credit card payments, frequent flyer miles, and a whole host of other financial elements.


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