Best 2018 Free Blogging Platforms For Beginners

By Adrian Cruce

Tweeting and posting thoughts on Facebook is no longer enough for most people. Technology evolved and now it is easier than ever to build a blog filled with everything you want to talk about. Why not take advantage of all the free blogging platforms available, those that are designed for people that do not want to worry about learning programming or advanced managing software?

If you are a newcomer and you want a blog, here are some of the best options to consider right now.


Wix is incredibly good, regarded by many professionals as being the top choice when looking at HTML5 resources. The official claim is that Wix is the only HTML5 capability drag and drop website builder out there. Besides this, we have access to 500 templates that are already created for you, together with numerous extra apps and features. The hosting available is also pretty good, with 1 GB bandwidth and 500 MB storage free. You can start your blog in just a few minutes and not worry about design since it will be stellar and compatible with all modern gadgets.


You are going to be a little limited in the event you have huge blogging plans since just 3 web pages and 2 sites can be present with a free plan. However, you do get 1 GB of good, fast storage and bandwidth. There won’t be any ads that will appear on your page and you can use Yola as your starting blogging platform. Various templates are available for free, all customizable, with an easy-to-use site builder. Layouts are flexible and widgets are added through drag and drop.


Launching a blog is quite common among many of the highly successful bloggers that eventually moved to the standalone platform and paid hosting. WordPress makes it quite simple to launch your blog and customization options are reasonable. You can easily install many extras and as a newcomer you do not have to worry about anything except writing your blog posts. As time passes you can move towards paid hosting or just upgrade the plan from free to gain access to even more resources. Although you get a subdomain blog, it is respected and has authority in the eyes of most people online.


A pretty accurate way to describe Tumblr is a combination between Twitter and WordPress. Through different mobile apps it becomes really simple to add content to your Tumblr blog from practically anywhere. Themes available are very easy to customize, with the possibility of making one yourself if you have the knowledge to do so.

It should be added that Tumblr has a really strong social feel to it through the addition of a well-built following model. The only problem is that there are many porn bots that are using Tumblr so you might end up shocked to what you see when someone follows or favorites your blog posts. If this is not a problem for you though, everything you do is very fast.


This is the oldest free blogging platform online and it is still really good. The free service is decent and all you need to make it work is a Google ID that you most likely already have. The blog is up in just seconds and you can choose out of various themes that are already offered in your account. However, the reason why it is not that recommended is Google’s track record of getting rid of services that people love.

Eat The Globe

Eat The Globe is a great example of a niche free blogging platform that is great for those interested in food and travel. There are different such sites present online and with this one you gain access to the possibility of launching your own blog as a part of a platform that is constantly growing and that is known in various parts of the world. The primary purpose is to share travel stories and food stories though so you may want to look for something else if you are interested in blogging about other topics.


Twitter’s founders launched Medium and although initially it was not supposed to be a blogging platform, it now became a simple of freedom of speech. The website is socially oriented and puts an emphasis on writing. The set-up is not customizable and you will not be able to change appearance but if you do want your articles to be fully taken seriously, Medium is a great option. When you mainly think about words as this is what counts for you in blogging, the coverage you get in Medium is really high.