What Is Apple Siri Proactive And Why Should You Care?

By Dzhingarov

So many use the iPhone but few know of many of the features that are available. Proactive definitely falls in this category. It is a feature that is available through Siri and that can be highly beneficial for users.

What Is Proactive?

Apple tries to make Proactive better than Google Now with a huge focus put on privacy. It is an AI solution that is context-based. You use Siri and access Proactive in order to do various things for you like highlighting the photographs you took in the past 30 days or reminding that something has to be done. Proactive can offer suggestions right on the screen. You will notice Proactive in Siri in 2 locations:

  • You get a phone call from a number that is not in your address book. However, you did have that number in a business email you receive. Proactive then tells you who the caller could be based on what was identified.
  • You get an email with details about an event. The operating system will the build a calendar with necessary information that you need to know about.

The idea behind the feature is to help Siri become what it was envisioned to be: a virtual assistant that helps you to better deal with everything that you have to do on a daily basis.

How To Use Proactive

The Siri suggestions that you receive on your iPhone or tablet are non-invasive. Apple did put a huge focus on that. You can easily remove the suggestions from Settings. What some do not know is that you can customize the notifications that you receive. Disabling and enabling all sections in the notifications is a good idea since you want everything to be properly customized.

Proactive is highly valuable when dealing with Reminders. You end up having suggestions about things that you might want to receive some sort of notification for in the future. You can display websites, emails, iMessages and even web page reminders.

You use Siri vocally. You just tell her that you want to be reminded by something at a later point in time. Alternatively you can tell Siri exactly when you want the reminder. A Reminder is created automatically with the use of the iOS Reminders app. When you go to the reminders you just have to click on one and you will be shown the screen that prompted you to make the notice.

The Siri Proactive feature is very useful because it can be used in so many apps. This includes popular apps that are often used by people like Numbers, Contacts, Calendar, Clock, Maps, Health, iBooks, Safari, Reminders, Podcasts and so many others.

Remember the fact that there are differences between the behaviour necessary in different apps. This means that you want to get used to it based on the app that you often want to take advantage of. However, once you manage to do this, you will appreciate the results.