Advantages Of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

By Dzhingarov

When saying Apple refurbished products we mean devices that were refurbished by Apple and not someone else. It is something that we have to take into account because of many different reasons. You can now buy different refurbished items like iPads or iPhones.

Most people think that the only reason why they should go for Apple refurbished products is that they manage to save money. This is the obvious reason but there are also others that you should take into account. That is what we will discuss below.

1. You Get An Apple Refurbished Product From The Company That Actually Makes It

Whenever a device that is damaged and under warranty is returned to Apple, it will be fixed and them available for the possibility of exchange or sold as refurbished on the official website. We have the manufacturer repairing the device and this happens only with the use of genuine parts. It will help you to be sure that the gadget is just like new. When you work with another refurbishing company, there is no certainty in the parts that they use.

2. You Receive Full Warranty

Third party providers cannot actually offer full warranties. When you buy an official Apple refurbished device, you will surely receive the full 1 year warranty that comes with the new gadgets offered by the company. In the event that something is wrong, you will not end up paying someone else in the event that your device is damaged. Out of warranty repairs are definitely really expensive.

3. You Will Receive A New Battery

When you buy a very good Apple refurbished device that is very good, it is a guarantee that you have no idea if there are many battery life cycles left. It is quite expensive to replace your battery in this case, around $100. If you buy a refurbished product from Apple, you can be sure that your battery is brand new.

4. You Gain Access To AppleCare Plus

This option is definitely a lot better than the regular warranty that is common with refurbished items. Your warranty will basically be extended directly to 2 years. It is available for iPads and iPhones and basically covers everything connected to the devices. The cost associated with the plan is $99 but there is a bonus: accidental damage is covered. The device is basically replaced or repaired for a fixed fee of $49. This is definitely a lot cheaper than the alternatives.

Even if buying an Apple refurbished device is great, you will not be able to find the exact color, capacity and model that you need, unless you are lucky. That is because the inventory often changes. However, even so, you will surely locate something that is very good. Find something that is very good and you will definitely appreciate the purchase, together with the benefits mentioned above.

On the whole, if you want to save some money and get really great Apple products, a refurbished one that comes directly from the company is the way to go.