6 Self Improvement Apps For Better Lives

By Dzhingarov

Most people in today’s society live stressful lives that can cause many problems like anxiety, depression and other disorders that can impact the quality of their lives and the way they deal with stress. People find it harder to relax these days because there are many distractions that are not allowing them to really enjoy peaceful moments. Since most people are constantly checking their phones and devices throughout the day, they can also use a variety of apps for self improvement that can help them to achieve a balanced lifestyle.


Happier app for self improvement

Price – free

Happier is a free app that allows people to share happy moments that made them smile during the day. There are also a couple of courses available for those who want to learn about gratitude or meditation and want to rewire their brains to see the good and positive moments and not to focus on the bad ones. The Happier community is very supportive and ready to “smile” at other people’s happy moments or to write words of encouragement when people feel lost.

Simply Being Guided Meditation

Simply Being Guided Meditation app

Price: $2.5

Simple Being Guided Meditation is an app for those who want to discover the power of deep relaxation and stress relief. No prior experience in the art of meditation is required, all guided meditations have a guiding voice that will introduce users to the benefits of meditation and the techniques that should be used in order to enter into a calm state of mind.


YOU-app for a better life

Price: free

Developed by Jamie Oliver and other experts, YOU-app is based on the concept that living a happy, healthy life involves small actions that should be performed daily. Users will have daily micro-actions that implicate one or more areas of the person’s life. From health and food to mindfulness and movement, the actions should be accompanied by pictures and shared with the YOU-app community.

Better You Hypnosis

Better You Hypnosis app

Price: free

Better You is an app that uses NLP techniques and alpha brainwave to allow people to reach their full potential and live healthier lives. The app has 31 free sessions that help people to overcome fears and addictions, get better at sports and discover their way to a fulfilled and happy life.

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking app

Price: free

Positive Thinking is a simple app that enables people to feel more positive and confident through notifications with positive affirmations and motivational quotes sent throughout the day. Users can select topics for the affirmations and quotes based on their needs. They can choose between wealth & prosperity, business, weight loss & fitness, anti-stress, finding love, happiness, confidence and religion. After selecting the topics, users can also choose affirmations they want to read in order to feel more inspired.

Success Wizard

Success Wizard app

Price: free with pro subscription options

Those who cannot stay focused on their daily or weekly goals will find Success Wizard very useful. The app includes a set of effective tools that will help people to work on their dreams and goals and will boost their productivity. Users also have access to daily quotes and tips that will make them feel empowered and ready to conquer their fears and accomplish their goals.