5 Great New Gadgets You Can Afford

By Dzhingarov

Getting new gadgets to play with is always a lot of fun, but most of them are fairly pricey. Here is a list of five gadgets that extremely useful, yet can be bought within a reasonable budget.

Kindle eReader

No one should be without Kindle eReader in this day and age. While there is always a special feeling when you pick up a new book, reading through a Kindle is more efficient and saves a great deal of time and effort. Studies have shown that people read twice as much if they own a kindle, compared to those who stick to traditional books. Amazon’s Kindle options range from the standard Kindle device to a Kindle Fire that operates very much like an iPad or Android tablet.

Roku Streaming Player

Ever wanted to stream movies, TV shows, and live television channels to your TV without having to pay for expensive cable plans? Now this is possible, with the Roku streaming TV player. With hundreds of channels, such as ESPN, NBC, FOX, HBO, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and much more, you can watch all of your favorite TV programs with the aid of this little streaming player. Simply buy the Roku player, choose the package you want, and begin wireless streaming coverage to a television in your house.

Washable Keyboard

Ever get sick of all the dirt that gets in between the keys of your current keyboard? Struggling to find a way to clean it? With the latest Logitech washable keyboard, it is possible to clean your keyboard with soap and water without damaging any of its keys.

Bluetooth Retro Headset

The great thing about smartphones is that they can perform so many different functions as compared to old phones. However, putting your smartphone up to your ear and talking on it can be a pain. This is why getting a retro headset is such a good idea. The retro headset looks and acts just like the receiver of a phone from ten years ago, while being wirelessly connected to your smartphone.

Vivint Home Security

Adding a home security system to your house is something that no one should put off. Getting the right home security system can make the difference between having a home that is safe or one that is susceptible to burglaries.

Vivint Home Security systems come with motion sensors, the option to add camera surveillance to difference parts of the house, and an alarm that can be monitored and set on/off via a smartphone application.

All five of these gadgets will ensure that you are better off than you were before. With Vivint you can ensure that your family is protected. Reading will be a lot easier with the Kindle, and Roku will revolutionize the way you listen to music at home