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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Tech Surprise, one of the many blogs I have but one that I am really fond of. My name is Boris Dzhingarov and I launched Tech Surprise because of the passion that I have for technology, among many other things. As time passed I understood much more about what it means to run a site and now I have dozens. At the same time, I managed to be recognized by various online and offline publications, having ideas and business knowledge applied through content published on: Semrush.comBizcommunity.comTheinnovationenterprise.comSocialnomics.netRankWatchTweakyourbiz.comTech.coMarket OracleFamous BloggersBDAILY , CEOWORLD Magazine and, just to name a few.

Now I am giving you access to an incredible opportunity and this is what I wanted to talk about here. In the past 5 years I got in contact with thousands of site owners and came up with wonderful opportunities for brand building and SEO. Right now, through Tech Surprise I give you the possibility to get your content and links published on thousands of websites in the tech niche and so much more. Keep on reading and get in touch to see exactly what I am talking about.

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